memorial stone setting Auerstedt 2022

On August 6th, 2022 we inaugurated a memorial stone for the 7-man bomber crew of the Lancaster NG177. It was a British bomber that crashed near Auerstedt on March 14, 1945. The entire crew perished in the crash. A weather-beaten memorial stone stood in the Auerstedt cemetery with the inscription “An unknown fallen American soldier, captured in March 1945”. The people of Auerstedt have looked after and cared for the grave since that day. The true identity was unknown. Our investigations lasted more than a year and finally led to an opening of the tomb. The bones of a soldier were found at this opening. An identification tag was found on the pilot’s arm, which read “C.A.N.” revealed. Through this find, the aircraft could be clearly identified – it was the Lancaster NG177. In honor of the crew (five Canadians and two Englishmen), a place of devotion and remembrance was created with the help of the Bad Sulza administrative community and the local Auerstedt associations. You can watch the entire inauguration ceremony in the following video.

We say THANK YOU to all supporters who made it possible to build this memorial and make the day a venerable event for all relatives of the bomber crew who died. We hope that you, dear loved ones, can find peace with your life story after 77 years.

We will never forget!