Memorial “Air War over Central Germany”

The memorial was launched in 2020. It was preceded by an excavation in Ballhausen / Thuringia, where an almost complete wreckage of the plane could be recovered. Following this recovery, the idea of a central memorial was born, in which we want to show the fates of individual pilots. Putting a face to war, never to put a face to war again. This message – never again war! – is the central part of our memorial in Ballhausen.

Our claim is not to be the next technology museum, but to show the people who fought and lost their lives on all sides. Nationality doesn’t matter. Based on selected individual fates, we show the life and work of that time – the horror and the human tragedies become visible and tangible.

The “Air War Over Central Germany” memorial is open to everyone. We are also happy to guide school classes through the premises or accompany school projects. We ask you to simply make an appointment with Mr. Rene Schütz at 01577-5984030. The memorial is not open regularly, so it is essential to make an appointment. You will find the “Air War over Central Germany” memorial at the following address: Am Schlossplatz in 99955 Ballhausen / Thuringia. (Approach via Parkstrasse)

Our special thanks go to the Förderverein Ballhausen, without whose support this project would not have been possible! Thanks very much!